King Kong Marketing is a small but tight team.  Our digital marketing expert and copywriter have your marketing, advertising and copy writing requirements covered.

Kristy Hoare (Hons Bcom Marketing)

Officially, Kristy is our digital marketing specialist – but I’m not sure a title exists that could capture Kristy’s unique skillset. Traditionally trained but market proven, 10 years have flown by with Kristy working her way through different aspects of the advertising and marketing industries.

Marketing and Advertising agencies, and the early days of online shopping, allowed Kristy to cut her teeth and find her stride in one of New Zealand’s most competitive industries.

In early 2012, Kristy built and launched My Solar Quotes, a successful business that continues to service the solar power sector.  My Solar Quotes is now largely automated, allowing Kristy time to flex her marketing muscle and work alongside our King Kong cliental.

Kristy is well versed in all aspects of marketing, and particularly enjoys strategy and implementation.  Kristy excels in designing and developing websites, online advertising, website analytics, search engine optimisation, content marketing and designing print material.

After office hours Kristy can be found creating all manners of art, searching for surf around New Zealand or getting behind eco campaigns – her passion for the environment runs deep.

A cherished member of the King Kong Marketing gang, Kristy is the real deal folks.

Ben McConnell (BA Media and Social Sciences) 

Great copy and good ideas require a creative mind, and our resident wordsmith and ideas man Ben certainly has that in spades. You’ll find him hunkered down in the office, feverishly hacking away at the keyboard bringing copy and campaigns to life. Logos, design, short films, scripts, videos and voice work are also some of the strings on Ben’s bow at King Kong.

When not at the King Kong factory Ben will be lurking in the surf avoiding the crowd, painting, researching, spinning records and collecting/hoarding pop culture relics.

Creatives are a dime a dozen; true wordsmith weirdos are a rarity these days.